2024 Viaggio Photo Gallery

2024 Viaggio


ALL-NEW Completely Redesigned 2024 Viaggio Lineup



Experience our flagship product, where style meets performance. Featuring unrivaled luxurious amenities, endless color/decor combinations, and the pinnacle of technological innovation. The Diamante sets the standard for luxury pontoon boats.



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Lago Z

The Lago now features a luxury line. This exciting new product offers many of the luxurious standard amenities (raised helm, chrome decals, recessed speakers/cupholders built into the backrest, and diamond pattern stitched furniture) and options more common for a premium line, while featuring base pricing that rivals many brands’ mid-line boats.



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Lago X

The perfect blend of affordability and customizability. The Lago X is priced to compete with mid-line brands, while offering a multitude of layouts, interior/exterior decor combinations, and options, offering a premium high-end look and feel.



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Lago V

Affordability without cutting corners. Our standard Lago series is anything but a standard pontoon boat. Featuring a sleek look, more standard features than its peers, and a frame construction with uncompromised quality. The Lago V sets the standard for its class.



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