Dog Days of Summer Rebate Claims Form

Dod Days of Summer Sales Event

Claims Form | Dog Days of Summer Sales Event


1. This promotion is available for any MY2022 or MY2023 Viaggio model on the ground and in-stock at your dealership. Retail customer ordered boats do not qualify.

2. The dealer must participate by contributing $1,500 of the rebate for any Lago sold and $750 of the rebate for any Diamante or Del Mar sold.
(e.g the rebate is $1,500 for Diamante and Del Mar, therefore Viaggio pays $750 and the dealer pays $750). (e.g the rebate is $3,500 for Lago, therefore Viaggio pays $2,000 and the dealer pays $1,500).

3. The correct rebate amount must be shown on the bill of sale and shown as a separate line item to qualify. (e.g. For example, dealers can not show only Viaggio’s portion of the rebate for a Diamante, Del Mar, or Lago. any amount less than $1,500 for Diamante or Del Mar will not quality for the rebate, and any amount less than $3,500 for the Lago will not qualify for the rebate).

4. The claims form must be filled out completely, including an accurate Bill Of Sale that clearly shows the HULL ID and purchase date.

5.  In order for the sales person to receive their $2,000 or $750 SPIF, the sales person’s correct information must be included on the claims form along with a complete W-9 form. The W-9 form can be downloaded from the IRS website and then attached to the claims form after it’s completed.

6. Our Rebate will officially end August 31st, 2023. Please be sure to submit all claims before 2 weeks after the campaign has ended. Access to the claims form online will no longer be available for submissions after 9/15/2023, please use the form below to submit.

After submissions are reviewed, the rebate will be issued as a credit to your dealership account, or for accounts with no balance it will be issued as a check. The SPIF’s will be issued as a check under the sales person’s name and will be mailed as a group to your dealership. NOTE: This rebate does not apply to pre-sold boats, or any ordered boat, even if the order is placed within the rebate time frame.


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