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Viaggio’s Year End Blowout Sale

Up to $3,000 off IN STOCK 2022-23 Model Year boats, find YOUR dream Viaggio today!

One Boat for everyone

Since 1989 Viaggio Marine has proudly been building pontoon boats with the finest craftsmanship and strongest construction in the industry. Three years ago we completely redesigned our boats from the deck up, making them so drastically different the product needed a new name other than the former, Misty Harbor Boats. After considering the bold angled lines resembling a V, we felt it fitting to name the series “Viaggio,” the Italian word for journey.

Viaggio Pontoon Boats are constructed with the finest quality materials and built by hand from the best talent our manufacturing rich northern Indiana region. Our commitment is to manufacture quality without compromise, we do it right. Our boats are designed to make everyone on your boat comfortable, so whether you are 8 years old or 80, Viaggio is THE ONE boat everyone can enjoy!

[vee-ah-G-oh] (verb), Italian word for Journey or Voyage

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Jumping into water

Friends on a boat

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Viaggio’s Diamante Series stands alone in the market as the most luxurious and well-built pontoon boat available! With our exclusive Matte Metallic finish and heavy 3″ rail system, the Diamante is built to last and turn heads every time you hit the water.

[dee-a-mont-eh] (noun), Italian for Diamond

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The Lago Series is the best-value boat on the water! Available in many interior layouts and loaded with standard features, the Lago has been built with the most durable construction of its class.

[lah-go] (noun), Italian for Lake

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The Del Mar Series is a high value pontoon boat at a very affordable price. While sporting many extras for a boat in its class, the Del Mar is the perfect option for many long-time or new boaters.

[del-m-are] (noun), Italian for “of the sea”

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