With a 50 Year History, Pontoons are a Fascinating Boat

For too long, boats have had a relatively singular focus. Pontoons cruised, ski boats towed, fishing boats fished.

At Viaggio, we thinks it’s time to shake up the status quo. Rather than limit what you can do on the water, we think a pontoon boat should instead maximize the possibilities. In fact, a very good argument can be made that a Viaggio pontoon can now truly be the “one” boat…that does it all.

Oh, exceptional models like those in the Diamante, Lago and Del Mar series can still cruise. Plush topside seating, plenty of cupholders and pedestal tables for drinks and snacks, and amenities including sound and lighting systems guarantee that they’ll always do that in better comfort and style than most other types of boat on the market. But that very same comfy cruiser can now also race across the water at thrilling speeds, rival that fishing boat in a multitude of conditions, even tow all those skiers and board riders.

How did pontoons come so far so fast?

The growing trend toward triple tube configurations and higher horsepower certainly played a role. While a versatile, affordable twin tube will always have a place thanks to their balance of performance and price, triple tubes add increased buoyancy, and as a result, can handle greater power, increased passenger loads and venture into those bigger waters pontoons once feared to tread. Performance-minded pontoon configurations also allow pontoon boats to jump onto plane and provide the agile, aggressive handling formerly reserved only for V-hulls. Crank the wheel over and the modern pontoon will carve into a corner, often with a comfortable hint of inside lean. Jam the throttle forward and higher horsepower models easily hit the 50 mph mark.

That power isn’t just about thrills, it’s also what makes tow sports a reality, particularly those like skiing and wakeboarding that require stronger low-end acceleration.

Should your passions include fishing, pontoons have always offered the advantages of a stableplatform, spacious deck and easy access to the boat’s perimeter, but modern models also do it better with dedicated fishing stationscertain to please the more hardcore angler. In fact, models like the Lago R or Diamante R series combine the best of both worlds, with comfortable lounger seats in the bow for relaxation and a fishing stations at the stern that includes chairs, livewell and rodholders.

Pontoons have also very much come into their own in terms of style. Just take a look at the sleek exterior panels, 3”-wide angular rails and chrome accents that distinguish the Diamante. The multitude of interior layouts that include plush couches, comfortable high-back seats, or spacious, convertible loungers that can turn the focus fore or aft with just a quick reposition of the seatback, all swathed in soft-touch vinyl and finished in designer color palettes. At the helm, dashes have become distinguished with flatscreen displays and aircraft-style toggles. Pedestal tables or even full bar configurations (with stools!) are perfect for drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Why buy a pontoon boat? Today, a better question may be why not buy a pontoon boat? With families and friends looking more than ever to spend meaningful time together, they’re the one boat configured to do more things with more people. The one boat that can maximize the possibilities.

The one boat that can truly make the most of all that time…that matters most.

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